Following the death of David Bowie, artists across disciplines engaged the legacy of the great artist in tributes to his impact, uniqueness, and soul. The following is a proposal for a cenotaph for the late Bowie, a physical monument of his cultural impact.

David Bowie positioned himself as a cultural outsider, intentionally just beyond the territorial fringe of pop culture. From his satellite position he could observe relatively undisturbed, and when ready, intervene in the flow of Pop Culture through his work, deliberately and thoughtfully altering its course.

Here I am, not quite dying
— The Next Day

Site Logic

Mirroring Bowie's satellite approach to our popular culture, this cenotaph sites itself upon the most alien of our planet's satellites, the moon. Through a language derived from Bowie's own British pride and its Neolithic Celtic architecture and his numerous residences during his lifetime, the structure took form in its subterranean intervention to the moon surface.

Site Plan

Sited on the border just between the light and dark sides of the moon - between our known world and the alien, the empty structure poses a challenge back to humanity.

Site Section

How do we negotiate our creative impulse in its necessity to intervene in our own world and its ability to draw on the infinite unknown? What meaning do we, as artists fill into the voids that inhabit that infinite boundary between our very selves and all the beauty of our human world?