David Bowie died on January 10th, 2016. In the wake of his passing, many artists rose to pay tribute to his unique spirit, and the legacy it had left on us. The following proposal for a cenotaph, is a tribute to that individual spirit, and a thank you for the inspiration it gifted to us all.

Special thanks to Professor Christina Ciardulo.


Through his life, David Bowie positioned himself towards the cultural fringe, open to the unknown that lay beyond, but ever influential. A human satellite of pop culture.


Honoring this satellite approach, the cenotaph sites itself on our Earth’s most alien and most powerful of satellites, the moon. Through a physical language derived from the materiality of the moon and the spatial organization of Bowie’s numerous households, and his interest in the mystical, this subterranean and site-specific memorial emerged.


And bridging the border between the light and dark sides of the moon, between the familiar and alien, the empty structure recognizes the need for an objectification of the means of grief, and how irreplaceable such a soul is.


And, hopefully in this proposal raise questions of how afterlife and art may negotiate creative impulse between our world and the unknown? And how we, as artists, may inhabit the liminal space between the human and infinite.