David Bowie died on January 10th, 2016. In the wake of his death, artists across disciplines paid tribute to the legacy his unique spirit has left on art. The following tribute is a cenotaph to the afterlife of an artist whose music provided inspiration through her teenage years. 

Spring 2016 with consulting from Christina Ciardulo


David Bowie positioned himself as a cultural outsider, just beyond the fringe of pop culture's territory. From this satellite position, he could observe, create, and through his work, intervene.


Therefore, mirroring Bowie's satellite approach, the cenotaph sites itself on the most alien, and most inspiring of our planet's satellites: the moon. Through a physical language derived from Bowie's numerous households, and his interest in the mystical and British, the structure became geological, subterranean, and site-specific.


And, sited in a crater on the border just between the light and dark sides of the moon - between our world and the alien, the empty structure poses a challenge back to humanity.


And, hopefully in this proposal raise questions of how afterlife and art may negotiate creative impulse between our world and the unknown? And how we, as artists, may inhabit the liminal space between the human and infinite.